Logitech Keys-To-Go Manual and Review, Guide, Setup


Logitech Keys-To-Go Review and Manual Setup

Logitech Keys-To-Go Manual and Review, Guide, Setup – As we already know, Logitech is a company from Switzerland which is already quite famous for its line of peripheral computer products. Some of their flagship products are increasingly innovative, designed in such a way as to meet the needs of its users. Especially for keyboard products, Logitech recently announced a new keyboard that is predicted to meet the needs of today’s users. A keyboard that is easy to carry for traveling, namely Logitech Keys-To-Go. This keyboard can be used on several operating systems, such as Android, Windows, and also IOS.

Design and Features

Logitech Keys-To-Go is a tiny keyboard that is great for carrying it while traveling. It offers a more tactile feel than typing on a cellphone or tablet but is not enough compared to a typical typing keyboard. The key has a minimal travel distance, meaning it’s easy enough to make typos. On the upper side, it feels a bit sturdy because of the beautiful rubber lining, and this is one of the quietest options available.

By utilizing its Bluetooth connectivity, this keyboard can use for smartphone and tablet users. Logitech claims that this keyboard has a very lightweight. The Logitech Keys-To-Go is designing with a fabric skin that makes it waterproof, dust, and easy to clean.


Logitech Keys-To-Go Keyboard

This keyboard is also claimed to be able to provide comfort when typing by using a keyboard design that has been adapted for gadget users, namely by the inclusion of critical keys for Android and Windows. Also, this keyboard has a model that already has a cover stand so that users can put their smartphone or tablet like a laptop.


Logitech Keys-To-Go is an outstanding mobile keyboard. This device can be connected to the device via Bluetooth and makes it possible to type tactile better than when you use the touch screen of your phone or tablet. Keys-to-go is very portable because of its small size and lightweight design. It’s just a drawback that you can’t connect Keys-To-Go on some devices. You also have to buy the right variant for your device because there are variants for Apple devices and even Windows/Android.

Logitech Keys-To-Go is planned to marketed starting this month. The price offered is at the US $ 69.99



  • Height: 137 mm
  • Width: 242 mm
  • Depth: 6 mm
  • Weight: 180 g


Keys-To-Go with iOS:

  • Works with all iOS devices including iPad
  • iPhone and Apple TV 4

Keys-To-Go with PC:

  • Devices with Android 4.1 and higher
  • Windows 7 and higher 5

Keyboard Type:

  • Stand Alone Keyboard
  • Backlit Keys: No
  • iPhone stand
  • Fits all iPhones (without case)

Logitech Keys-To-Go Manual Setup Download

Setup Guide (PDF):

Download Here

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