Logitech H110 Headset Review and Manual Setup Download


Logitech H110 Review and Manual Setup

Logitech H110 Headset Review and Manual Setup Download – The Logitech H110 Headset was creat for computers that use a 3.5 mm microphone-in and audio-out port. Simple and useful for everyday use and compatible with most operating systems and systems. Get what you only need to hear and hear clearly.


The lightweight and simple design with a slim headband make the Logitech H110 comfortable to wear for long periods without causing pain to the head. It has a flexible microphone that can be rotated, making your movements freer when you don’t need a microphone. The noise-canceling feature on the microphone ensures clear sound conversations without the slightest background noise.

Although it comes with a simple design, with a touch of soft metal color makes it look more elegant and still fashionable. Using a long one-sided cable also gives you free movement when using this headset. With its stereo audio capability, the Logitech H110 is convenient for enjoying music, movies, and playing games from a PC and all other 3.5 mm connected multimedia devices.


Logitech H110 Stereo Headset


With Logitech H110, you can enjoy clear audio for music, games, and calls. Logitech H110 is a reliable stereo headset for daily tasks, including video calls with family or coworkers. The microphone boom can rotate 180 degrees so that it can use on the left or right.

This flexible microphone can be positioned for better sound capture and background noise reduction. The microphone boom can be inserted so that it does not interfere when not in use. This sturdy, but lightweight stereo headset has a variety of adjustments. Ultra-soft foam ear cushions make it feel comfortable for hours.

Logitech H110 is a pretty good headset for the price, only $ 15 sold in the market. The microphone works much better than the internal microphone on your computer. Sound quality is acceptable, and again far better than internal speakers.

The Good:

  • Fantastic value, plug, and play
  • Sound/mic is quite good
  • Clear voice

The Bad:

  • A little too tight
  • A bit uncomfortable if used for long periods



  • Height x Width x Depth: 162 mm x 144 mm x 46 mm
    Weight: .74 kg


  • Input Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (headphones): 100 dB +/- 3 dB
  • Sensitivity (microphone): -58 dB / ╬╝Bar, -38 dB / Pa +/- 4 dB
  • Frequency response (Headset): 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Frequency response (Microphone): 100 Hz – 16 kHz
  • Cable length: 1.8 m


  • Works with Common calling applications across almost all platforms and operating systems
  • Windows or Mac OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Analog connection with 3.5mm audio in and audio out jack

Logitech H110 Manual Setup Download

Getting Started Guide (PDF):

Download Here

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