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Logitech B170 Review and Manual Setup

Logitech B170 Software Drivers, Manual, Review, and Download – Logitech is a well-known brand for its hardware products with the best quality, one of which is the mouse. The mouse released by Logitech itself has two types, namely for the needs of gamers and offices. Well, this time, we will discuss the office mouse in the Logitech B170 series.

Logitech B170 itself is quite famous, so it is used by office people, college students, etc. Its compact design makes this mouse loved by its users. Curious about the deeper details of this mouse? For that, keep reading this review so that you can use it as a reference and comparison when choosing your mainstay mouse.


Features and Performance

Logitech B170, this mouse with a wireless or wireless connection, makes it easy for you to use computer devices because it does not require cables to use it. Read also Which one to choose: Hewlett-Packard OMEN Mouse or Razer Mouse?

B170 using AA batteries for operation. There is no need to find a replacement battery because the power source is easy to find. Hand comfort is also maintained with a curved concept on the mouse that makes your hands comfortable when wearing it.

Logitech B170 runs on the latest 2.4 GHz wireless technology and offers universal compatibility with Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS. This Logitech B170 can be used for gaming and office needs. Logitech B170 is comfortable to wear even if your hands are sweaty.


Advantages of Logitech B170

  • Easy to pair
    This advanced mouse uses a wireless connection connected to a USB dongle for pairing, so no cables are needed. Wireless range of up to 10m, you can control the cursor even remotely. This wireless mouse from Logitech can be used with various computer operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS.
  • Responsive cursor control
    This mouse has responsive and smooth cursor control, making it easy to use on various surfaces thanks to the laser grade optical sensor. Battery life can last up to 12 months before being replaced. This Bluetooth mouse is ready to be a loyal friend with your favourite PC or laptop.
  • Economical price
    The price pinned by this mouse from Logitech is quite economical. This is one of the main advantages of the B170, so people will buy this mouse without thinking about their daily activities.

Disadvantages of Logitech B170

  • Very small size
    The size embedded by this mouse is not comfortable for those who have wide and large palms. But this is not a very significant drawback because, of course, people will get used to using this mouse over time.
  • Poor packaging
    Many reviews state that the packaging of this mouse is bad enough to make the mouse inside it get scratched and so on. This, of course, makes people less interested in owning this mouse.
  • No battery detection
    If most of the other mice have battery detection, then it is not built into this mouse. This helps the users to know whether the battery condition can still be used or not.



  • Application: Mobile
  • Keys: 3
  • Rechargeable: No
  • Resolution (max.): 1000 dpi
  • Includes: 1 x AA battery, USB receiver
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-year bring-in
  • Use: Ambidextrous


  • Connection type: Wireless
  • Connectors: USB
  • Wireless technology: 2.4 GHz


  • W x H x D: 62 x 35 x 98 mm
  • Weight: 0.070 kg

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, & Windows 10 or later
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux kernel 2.6+
  • USB port

Logitech B170 Manual Setup Download:

Setup Guide (PDF)

Download Here

Logitech B170 Software Download:

For Windows

Logitech Options :
  • Software Version: 7.14.70
  • Last Update: 2019-07-01
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 151 MB

Download Here

Firmware Update Tool :
  • Software Version: 1.2.169
  • Last Update: 2019-08-20
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • File Size: 14.7 MB

Download Here

For Mac

Logitech Options :
  • Software Version: 8.02.86
  • Last Update: 2019-10-08
  • OS: Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 10.13
  • File Size: 78 MB

Download Here

Firmware Update Tool :
  • Software Version: 1.0.69
  • Last Update: 2019-10-04
  • OS: macOS 10.15
  • File Size: 3.8 MB

Download Here

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